Covid Measures

If you are using the premises provided by the Experience Center, we are offering you the following, in accordance with the current measures prescribed against Covid-19 virus, and for the safety of all visitors:

  • Room Don of adequate size – more than 4 m2 is provided for each visitor.
  • Disinfection doormat at the entrance.
  • Hand sanitizers on arrival.
  • At the entrance to the Center the hostess measures the temperature of each participant with non-contact thermometer. Germicidal lamp that “kills everything” 🙂
  • A mask or a visor is provided for each participant and one of these two is mandatory to wear at the Experience Center.
  • All rooms are ventilated every hour.
  • During the day, a hostess with a visor and gloves is at your disposal, offering food and drinks.
  • There are tables outside to be used during refreshment breaks.
  • In the Experience Center, we are using either plastic disposable cups, or glass cups, washed in a professional dishwasher, Winterhalter UC-S. Hygiene is at the highest possible level.
  • And finally, if all of the above is not enough, we also have:


You can download the complete information by clicking this link.